End of semester…….and something along with it

​He walked in the classroom with desperation in his eyes.He wanted to see her, but when he did,she was with someone else. With the  “other guy”. They were laughing together.He cursed himself  for every second he saw them together. But when they approached him, he drew a fake but beautiful smile on his face and said “you two look good together”. His voice so low as he was whispering to himself. They thanked him and the conversation began.  He could hardly focus on the words since all his attention was on those intertwined fingers that were playing with each other. But suddenly he realised that he was never meant to be with her. The “other guy” was always better than him and for a moment, the pain just vanished.

Before he knew,he was walking in the other direction with eyes full of tears and sorrows and a heart that couldn’t feel a thing.

Suddenly his shoulder felt heavy. He turned back his friend. His ‘true’ friend. His friend didn’t need to study his eyes and he knew what he what was going on. Then his friend moved his arms around his sad friend’s shoulder and started to drag him and said “it’s gonna be okay”. He knew it was a lie but what could he say?

His sad friend smiled and thanked to God that he didn’t give him everything but the he gave him just what he needed the most.

“A true friend”.


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