All his life he wanted to be a good person not the way everyone could.He did what everyone around him asked him to be.He never tried alcohol cause his mom didn’t wanted him to.He always helped his dad at work because he knew his dad was so proud of him he always bragged about his son in front of his clients.He became a joke for his so called “friends” just to make them laugh so one day maybe just Maybe they would like him But everything he did just started to fade the whole world asked him to grow up.He just didn’t knew how to.Everyone wanted something else from him but he couldn’t just change so suddenly he tried but he just couldn’t.He thought in his mind how wrong people are they think we are Born with nothing while we are brought into this world with happiness on people faces we are born with hope….but sometimes life takes that away from us

All his string connected to someone or other were broken.So he tied a new one connected to the ceiling fan and his  neck .A life ended.

People called him coward.Culture called him a criminal who would never enter heaven…how could he enter into heaven after so much of his effort he couldn’t even enter a person’s heart.

People just got a chance to wear there black dress at his funeral nothing else.


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