Lines that matter,words that express

I have so many thought in my mind some ideas,some secret,some fantasies,some wishes,some nasty stuff,this alphabets on the keyboard seem to be very useless to express them sometime just as my tongue and my posts.

I wonder if everyone has this same kind of “rush” in their minds.what would have happened if we could read thought listen to them or see them in some animated cartoonist’s style if that would have been possible we wouldn’t have the need of novels,movies.

But if we could actually listen to them would we be able to listen to the voice of our loved ones.

If we could see them then how could we really see and focus on what’s really important I really don’t know.

Guess what’s I am really doing is laying my thoughts my mind in this post so that you could read this somewhere and understand me so that someday I could read your when you post it and develop a mutual understanding.

Post is complete now my friends so what are you waiting for its time now for you to lay your thoughts.Try it maybe people will really like it who knows.


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