When i was a kid i used to play a lot just carefree.Having fun.

I didn’t like going to school,I still remember how my mom used to bribe me with chocolates and biscuits to go.Same was for tuition.

I just wanted to grow up and be independent.A phase where people stop forcing me to do stuff.

And guess what???

My wish came true and i did grow up the only problem being i don’t like being a grown up either.Having responsibility, taking care of stuff,and all the status thing u know. 

I just want the impossible,i want to be a kid again,go back to my childhood,being the carefree, careless young mess.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we don’t know the best moments of our life’s until it’s gone,we only realise it when it fades away.

And what do we do about it?

We regret.we miss ourselves.we try to live in those memories.

And that’s what wrong with us.We never figure out that we can be a kid again.You think I’m stupid?…Nope, I’m not stupid.

The only reason we were happy in our childhood was cause we didn’t give a shit.We didn’t give a shit about our grades, about our so called image,status,love, religion.

We did what we had to,we did what we wanted to.The  whole point of being a kid is to be us.


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