A friend in need……

​As far I can remember from my childhood memories my teachers,my parents and everyone else around me told to me that,taught to me that ,”A FRIEND IN NEED,IS A FRIEND INDEED ” and I always knew what it meant so I helped everyone of my friends.

But today,one of my friends need my help.He needs me.Everytime I see him,I can see through him.Its like I can see his broken will,his broken heart and his bewildered mind.

And no matter how much I want to help him or how much he needs me I can’t help him,I won’t help him.

I won’t help you my friend not because I don’t want  to.But you have to understand that it’s your pain and you have to deal with it on your own.

You have to suffer in the pain ,you have to crawl in your agony because this pain will make you stronger,this pain will make you wiser, just like it made me.Just like it made everyone who went through their hardship all alone.

So my friend I can’t help you with your pain because I truly want to help you.


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