What a great society

When I see the world changing the only way I can react to it is by letting out my laugh.Its really hilarious to see people’s changing behaviour all I can sense is the iorny in the air.

First we discriminated ourselves by caste,skin colour and wealth.We like to think that those days are behind us.Now we live in a unified society.

Its really a joke.

We think we have stop dividing and discriminating.

But what we have really done is we have set criterias.

Criterias for people.

We want to date a good looking person.

We want to marry a person with status and having nice job.

We want our friends to be cool.

We want our parents to be too open minded.

We want our siblings to be like us.

We want too much….

I see the the world changing and I laugh and that laugh is out of pity.


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