Http-Help To The Helpless(Vlog?)

Few days I met a girl at the railway station.A girl no less than angel.she asked me for money,she demanded me for money.But it wasn’t for her it was for the education of 200 poor children.A demand with no greed but a purpose.

She was an angel.

An angel with no wings.But I am pretty sure that if she had her wings.She wouldn’t have flown away to heaven flaunting it.She would provide the helpless shadow and warmth with her wings.

She would have barricaded strong wind,cold rain and blinding sunlight in order to protect the unprotected.

I saw her face but all my focus was on her eyes behind those glasses.

Believe me when I say this that even though she had no wings,In her eyes I saw the radiance of a living star.

Yesterday I met a girl who turned out to be a angel,A angel without wings.

U can help too.


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