Don’t move on,Try and hold on

Don’t look for perfection with people and relationship(not just boyfriend/girlfriend type) you will be disappointed in the end.

People are just like luck in your life.

You can’t control it,can’t have it anymore than usual.

And the thing with luck and relationship is they won’t work unless you let them.

To get lucky,you got to think you are lucky.

To be loved,you have to trust them let them love you.

Of course you can move on from the people you used to know,from the memories you have with them,from the feelings you have towards them.

But you will never be able to move freely in your life ever again something will always be holding your back and like me you will never be able to know what that is.

Lost people with close memories,
Close people with sad history.
Coz history and memories are never forgotten,
A burden is always carried.


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