Mama’s boy

People ask me why I do not smoke or drink when I easily can do both of them.

What’s wrong with occasionally drinking?I am young I should live a little.

Those are the people who don’t know me.

For those who know me are the people who realize that for me there is no option.

I cannot drink or smoke.Not because I have any kind of health issues

But I have my mom’s honor with me all the time.The way she is always proud knowing that I have never smoked.Her pride in her eyes is no less than a jewel to me.

Why would I leave all that just for “living a little”? .I would never.

Keeping your mom happy isn’t very hard.Its simple so please do it.You will always have your life to live but Tomorrow you may not have your mom.

So for those who will read this post and call me a “mama’s boy”.

Save it I already know it.

“Keeping your mom happy isn’t an option it is a preference”


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